What are the different AWS Certifications?

How do you study for the exams?

What's the best certification for me?

Find the answers to these questions and more in our downloadable eBook. Written by AWS certified experts who, combined, hold every currently available AWS certification, and have trained hundreds of thousands of students. We're here to help you get AWS certified and teach you how to use AWS in real scenarios, for the job you want.

Included in this downloadable eBook:

Linux Academy Containers for Everyone eBookOver 30 pages of content.

  • The right certification for YOU
  • Exam format and sample questions
  • Tips for taking and passing the exams
  • Salary expectations
  • FAQ



Practice for and obtain an AWS certification through our Learn-by-Doing method.

We believe the best way to learn anything in life, is by doing. In the exams, you will be asked to show proof of your knowledge through real scenarios. Use this free guide in addition to Hands-On Labs to build the roadmap to your next certification.

With so much information available about AWS Certifications, it's easy to get overwhelmed and delay the decision, but that's holding back your career potential. Our ebook will walk you through the step-by-step on how to get started, which certification is the best for you, how to properly study for the exam(s), and tips for increasing your odds of passing. So crack open this ebook and get AWS certified!

Christophe Limpalair, Vice President of Growth

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We believe the most powerful way to learn, is by doing. With real, Hands-On Labs you create as you learn and unleash your creativity.